KIN SUMMER 2020 Internships Updates

KIN SU20 internships.

Contact: cristina.carrillo at

For summer 2020, students able to complete an internship at a community site can do that using normal processes found on the internship web page:

Students who plan to graduate this coming summer 2020 (graduating seniors only), but who are unable to do their internship at a community site, should contact the internship manager to explore alternate options for completing hours.

For Fall 2020 additional information will be available at the end of this spring semester. A similar arrangement to what is planned for summer is likely to be available.

KIN SP2020 Activity Classes to be C/NC only

Dear KIN Faculty and Students,
Due to the dramatic and sudden shift in how physical activity courses are being offered this semester, it was determined, in consultation with the Kinesiology Coordinators Council and the Division of Undergraduate Education, that students in physical activity classes will all be awarded grades on a Credit/No Credit basis. Provost del Casino announced that in other classes students have the option to choose to take a class Credit/No Credit. In activity classes, however, all classes will be graded on a C/NC basis.
I ask that activity instructors please let their students know.
As a reminder to faculty and students, CR is a C- or better and that a D+, D and D- is a NC.
We hope that this alleviates some of the anxiety and concerns regarding how student performance will be evaluated in these classes.
Dr. Semerjian