The Department of Kinesiology CASA, SJSU Blog is a social media outlet for the Department of Kinesiology: articles, videos, pictures, events, updates, research, etc.

The Department of Kinesiology has refined and focused undergraduate and graduate programs in a variety of sub-disciplines in the field of kinesiology including: exercise fitness, movement science, exercise physiology, physical education,  sport studies, sport management, and more.

Our award winning faculty produce cutting edge qualitative and quantitative research.

Our students are preapred to enter into a variety of professional health and fitness fields. After completion of degree requirements, students are able:

1. To obtain a critical understanding and the ability to apply theoretical and scientific knowledge from the subdisciplines in kinesiology for personal fitness, healthy lifestyles, sport, and/or therapeutic rehabilitation.
2. To effectively communicate the essential theories, scientific applications, and ethical considerations related to kinesiology.
3. To apply scholarship and practice of different movement forms to enhance movement competence in kinesiology.
4. To recognize and apply sustainable approaches as they relate to kinesiology.
5. To identify social justice and equity issues related to kinesiology for various populations.