Participants Needed for Research Study in Exercise Physiology

Participants Needed
Research Study

One of our KIN graduate students, Julia Robbert, is conducting a study to examine whether breathing through an impedance threshold device, or an ITD, affects recovery between repeated bouts of high-intensity exercise. The high-intensity exercise will be 9, 20 sec intervals on a bicycle ergometer, with 3 min recovery between each interval. During each of the nine intervals, you will pedal against some resistance, and you will be encouraged to exercise at a high intensity.

Thus, we are recruiting men and women, 18-35 years-of- age, who exercise at least 3 days/week and have experience performing high-intensity, interval exercise. If you agree to participate, you will be tested twice, once using the ITD during recovery and once without the ITD. You may keep the ITD when you complete the study. Each test session will last about 1 hour, including warm-up and cool down. We will be measuring your performance, compensatory reserve using a pulse oximeter placed on one of your fingers, and lactate levels.

To measure lactate, we will need a drop of blood from a fingerprick – each test session will require 4 fingerprick blood samples. You will also be asked to rate how hard you worked during each 20 sec exercise bout and how well recovered you feel at the end of each 3 min recovery period.

Testing will take place at San Jose State University in the Exercise Physiology Research Laboratory, YUH 242. If you are interested in volunteering or hearing more about the study, please-mail Julia.robbert at

Requesting more information does NOT obligate you to participate in the study.

Steven H. and Bobby J. Jensen Living Trust Scholarship

Department of Kinesiology

San José State University


Steven H. and Bobby J. Jensen Living Trust Scholarship

(Since 2018)


The Steven H. and Bobby J. Jensen Living Trust Scholarship is a scholarship granted to one graduate student and one undergraduate student in the Department of Kinesiology at San José State University every year. Students may be continuing students or new applicants, and must be full time students for the academic year in which the scholarship is awarded.

This scholarship is intended to support student participation in scholarly research activities that add to students’ professional development and growth of knowledge in the field of human physiology with clinical and medical applications. The applicants must provide a clear description of research engagement and activity with a faculty member, explaining how it adds to his/her scholarly development in their education.

The scholarship is $500 for one graduate and $500 for one undergraduate student. The scholarship will be advertised on an annual basis with the announcement made in Spring semester (application due on first Friday of April) and the scholarship will be given in the Fall semester.

For full consideration the application packet must include: 1) a completed application form, 2) one copy of all college transcripts, 3) one letter of recommendation, 4) a cover letter, 5) a personal statement.

Selection of the scholarship recipients will be based on merit according to the following considerations:

  • Cumulative grade point average (GPA) minimum 3.5 (last 60 units)
  • Commitment to contribute time and effort to the proposed research under the supervision of a faculty member
  • Involvement in research of physiological, clinical, and/or medical fields
  • Engagement of research and professional development in the area of students’ career in advanced degree (e.g., PT, OT, MS, or PhD).

Scholarship recipients will be determined by a committee of faculty from the Department of Kinesiology.



This scholarship is given in honor of Steven H. and Bobby J. Jensen from their living trust, which supports the highest level of education that students want to achieve. This honors their grandson, Russell A. Jensen, Ph.D., who discovered his passion for education through receiving many scholarships himself.

 This application is to be completed in full, and completed by the applicant and summited to the Kinesiology department office (SPX 102) by 5pm on first Friday of April.


Name of Applicant:



___________________________________      ______________     ______     _________

(Street)                                                                  (City)                        (State)      (Zip)





Cumulative GPA (last 60 units of higher education course work):




Student ID:




    Application form


    Transcript which may be unofficial


    Cover letter


    A statement of the research project


    Identify name and position of the individual

                      who will write a letter of recommendation, and who you will work with for research.

    One letter of recommendation sent to

Faculty Committee for Steven H. and Bobby J. Jensen Living Trust Scholarship

Department of Kinesiology (SPX 102)

San Jose State University

One Washington Square

San Jose, CA 95192