Job Opportunity: Health Fitness Corportation

Health Fitness Corporation, a national health improvement and fitness management service, is contracted to Lockheed Martin in Sunnyvale, CA and helps run their fitness facilities, recreational departments and internship program.

They are looking for interns throughout the year who are a junior or senior level student and pursuing their degree in physical education, exercise physiology, kinesiology, recreation, health education, health promotion or related field.  In the past we have had one or more students from your program participate in our internship program and they have all been great candidates for a further career with HFC.  This would help juniors and seniors earn their internship hours.

A description of the internship program, needed qualifications, about HFC and how to contact them is below.  All interested students must first submit their resume to our national office, but can include in their request what city and state they wish to work in.  If any students have further questions about a possible intern position specifically here at Lockheed Martin, they are welcome to contact Ms. Hoopes (info below).

For more information, contact,


Program Coordinator



Phone: 408.742.7706

Fax: 408.742.8829