Finance Open Lab Schedule

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Message: Several Finance Open Labs have been scheduled.  Open labs
are informal sessions where qualified personnel are available to
assist department users who have access to the Finance System (CFS),
including Finance Data Warehouse & Cognos reports, and Financial
Transaction Services (FTS).

Come to the open lab for help on a number of topics:ber of topics, including:

-Understanding Procurement policies and guidelines
-Entering Requisitions or Travel Authorizations/Reimbursements in FTS
-Running a PO Life Cycle report in CFS
-Assistance in reviewing financial activity in a Finance Data Warehouse report
-Navigating the Procurement/Accounts Payable website
-Recording receipts and inspections
-Reviewing PO/requisition information in CFS

All labs run on Fridays from 8:00 a.m. to 10:30 a.m. in Clark Hall 505
on each of the days listed below.  Be sure to bring your login
information with you.

July 27
Aug. 10
Aug. 24
Sept. 7
Sept. 21
Oct. 5
Oct. 19
Nov. 2
Nov. 16
Nov. 30
Dec. 14
Employees in need of training to access the Finance systems (FTS, CFS,
and Data Warehouse) should contact the CMS Help Desk first for
assistance at .
A list of training courses required to access the Finance
systems can be found on CMS’s website- .
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Create/Update Vendor, Employee, and Student Information in FTS

**Original announcement posted in FinanceConnect list serv on 6/13/12**

Whether you have a question regarding a vendor, an address to update, or have a new vendor that needs to be created in order to pay… is here for you!  Communicate your vendor maintenance needs to us with our new dedicated email address.

Having the vendor ready to select or just updating a vendor address before you create your Direct Payment or Reimbursement request will help reduce delays in processing.  Also, when you review your voucher history in FTS, you will see the vendor’s name and not just a blank space.

We encourage you to use in order to help us, help you! Please allow 3-5 business days to process requests.

To determine if a vendor or employee/student exist in FTS, use the look-up feature. If they do not exist in FTS, please follow the appropriate instructions below:

Direct Payment to Vendors

  • When requesting goods/services from a new vendor, have them complete the Vendor Data Record Std. 204 form.
  • Before creating the Direct Payment request, send the Vendor Data Record Std. 204 form to along with the following information:
    • Vendor Name
    • Remittance Address
    • Description of Payment

Reimbursements to Students

  • Prior to creating a Student Reimbursement request, send an email to with the following information:
    • Student Name
    • Student ID
    • Mailing Address
    • Description of Payment

Employee or Travel Reimbursements to University Employee

  • If address in FTS is not correct-
    • Did employee change address in HR/SA (MYSJSU) system?
      • If no, then address needs to be updated in HR/SA. Allow 24 hours for the update to be reflected in FTS.
      • If yes, then do you have an Employee Reimbursement Direct Deposit set-up with Accounts Payable?
        • If no, please contact CMS Help Desk for assistance.
        • If yes, please email request to to update information in FTS because the Direct Deposit set-up will prevent auto updates from occurring.

Intermittent Employees

  • Employees who are active or inactive at different times may or may not be available to select for Reimbursement or to submit Travel.
  • If employee is not in FTS, then please contact for further assistance and include the following information:
    • Employee Name
    • Employee ID
    • Mailing address
    • Description of Payment

Travel Reimbursement Supporting Documentation- Protection of Personal Information

**Original announcement posted in FinanceConnect list serv on 5/31/12**

With the implementation of our online Travel Authorization and Reimbursement component of Financial Transaction Services (FTS), we also transitioned to a paperless submission of supporting documentation (receipts, etc.); uploaded documents as opposed to hard copy.
To ensure the protection of your personal information, please note the following when preparing supporting documentation for submission:
  • The FTS Travel Component only displays a home address to the TRAVELER; it cannot be viewed by Requesters (entering transactions on your behalf), Reviewers, or Approvers.
  • Receipts, hotel invoices, etc. only reference the last 4 digits of a credit card information.
  • For documents containing personal finance information (credit card statements, bank transaction statements, etc), please black out account numbers, balances, and other personal information.
Please forward this message to staff/faculty in your department as you feel necessary. Please contact FinanceConnect with any questions or concerns.

FTS Travel Authorization/Reimbursement Email Notifications

**Original announcement posted in FinanceConnect list serv on 5/31/12.**

To help end users better identify email notifications triggered by Financial Transaction Services (FTS) Travel Authorizations and Reimbursements, we have improved the subject line description in email messages that once contained the generic header of “FTS Email”.  The new subject line description will appear for emails delivered to:

  • The Traveler when authorization or reimbursement is approved.
  • The Approver when authorization or reimbursement needs approval.
  • The Requester when authorization or reimbursement is returned.

Please forward this message to staff/faculty in your area as you feel appropriate.

FTS System Updates

**Original announcement posted in FinanceConnect list serv on 5/10/12**

To address some problems experienced by end users, the following resolutions or modifications have been made to the Financial Transaction Services (FTS) system-

Travel Component

  • Only SJSU employees and student employees have access to using Travel Authorization and Reimbursement.
  • The clone feature is no longer available for Travel Reimbursements with the FTS voucher prefix of “WL”.
  • A modification was made to the review/approve process for Travel Authorizations and Reimbursements. If a higher approval level has selected an action, Reviewers/Approvers at lower levels in the approval structure will not be able to select an action. This modification will prevent unnecessary rerouting of Authorizations/Reimbursements.

HR Expense Adjustment

  • The problem pertaining to the error message encountered by some users when entering an HR Expense Adjustment has been resolved.


  • The Approver’s name and approval date now appears in the Status field.

FTS Certified Web Browsers

If you have any questions, please contact the CMS Help Desk at  .