New! Travel Authorization and Reimbursement Component in Financial Transaction Services (FTS)

**Original announcement posted in FinanceConnect list serv on 3/19/12**

The Finance Service Group is happy to announce the implementation of a new Travel Authorization and Reimbursement component of Financial Transaction Services (FTS). With Go Live scheduled for Wednesday, April 4, 2012, the new component features a number of enhancements including:
  • System log in using your SJSUOne account with every faculty, staff, and student having automatic access to this system as a Traveler
  • Paperless approval routing for both Travel Authorization and Travel Reimbursements – No more routing forms for signature!
  • Electronic submission of Travel Reimbursements, uploading supporting documentation and receipts
  • Automated email messages, communicating review, approval, and submission information to travelers and Approving Officials
  • Review capability for submitted Travel Authorization and Reimbursement requests, allowing the traveler to check on the status of their request and where it is in the approval process
  • One trip number assigned, creating a correlation between the Travel Authorization and the Travel Reimbursement
The new travel component is very user friendly and training is not required. An online reference guide will be available on the MySJSU Website shortly after Go Live.
Details about the new Travel Authorization and Reimbursement component will be presented at the Finance Spring 2012 What’s Up? Meeting, scheduled Wednesday, April 4, 2012 from 2:00 – 3:30pm in Engineering 189. This meeting is primarily attended by campus Finance Users.
Please share this information with staff and faculty in your area as appropriate. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact our FinanceConnect Hotline at 4-1558 or

Changes to Hospitality Guideline

**Original announcement posted in FinanceConnect list serv on 3/6/12**

The SJSU Hospitality Guideline has been updated in accordance with Integrated CSU Administrative Manual policy number 1301.00 (Hospitality, Payment or Reimbursement of Expenses).

Notable changes in the campus guideline are:

  • In depth explanation of approved and prohibited hospitality expenses, citing examples
  • Clearer definitions of terms cited in the guideline
  • Improvements to the funding source table, identifying appropriate funding for various hospitality expenses

In addition, Finance has created a Hospitality Expense Justification form, to be submitted along with other supporting documentation (i.e., invoices, quotes, receipts) when ordering or requesting payment/reimbursement for such expenses.

For complete information, please refer to:

SJSU Hospitality Guidelines-

Hospitality Expense Justification form-
Impact: Changes to SJSU’s Hospitality Guideline and new Hospitality Expense Justification Form requirement.