Copier Toner and Printer Cartridge from Unauthorized Sellers

**Original announcement posted in FinanceConnect list serv on 6/1/12**

It has been brought to the Campus Copier Coordinator’s  attention that vendors claiming to be university authorized copier toner/printer cartridge resellers have been contacting departments to obtain printer/copier model numbers in an attempt to sell cartridges at a discounted price.  If the department discloses the information, the vendor will then ship items and invoice the university at an inflated price, usually several times more than what the university pays from our authorized suppliers.

Please be advised to never give equipment and department information to unsolicited callers. Printer cartridges should be ordered from Office Max; while copier toner cartridges are supplied through the Campus Copier Program (CCP) as part of the base fees paid for being a participant in the CCP.

If you have any questions, please contact FinanceConnect at 4-1538 or  .

Hospitality Expense Justification Form and Guidelines

**Original announcement posted in FinanceConnect list serv on 4/24/12**

Please be reminded that a completed Hospitality Expense Justification form must be included as part of your backup documentation for all purchase and payment requests (Requisition, Direct Payment, ProCard, Employee/Student Reimbursement and Petty Cash) for hospitality related expenses. Requests cannot be processed without this form.

Hospitality expense (e.g., food, light refreshments, promotional items) can be incurred for events and activities that support the university’s mission and goals.  Allowable hospitality expense is determined by the Fund used to pay for it.  Refer to Hospitality Guidelines for detailed information pertaining to such expenses.

Hospitality Guidelines:

Hospitality Expense Justification Form:

Changes to Hospitality Guideline

**Original announcement posted in FinanceConnect list serv on 3/6/12**

The SJSU Hospitality Guideline has been updated in accordance with Integrated CSU Administrative Manual policy number 1301.00 (Hospitality, Payment or Reimbursement of Expenses).

Notable changes in the campus guideline are:

  • In depth explanation of approved and prohibited hospitality expenses, citing examples
  • Clearer definitions of terms cited in the guideline
  • Improvements to the funding source table, identifying appropriate funding for various hospitality expenses

In addition, Finance has created a Hospitality Expense Justification form, to be submitted along with other supporting documentation (i.e., invoices, quotes, receipts) when ordering or requesting payment/reimbursement for such expenses.

For complete information, please refer to:

SJSU Hospitality Guidelines-

Hospitality Expense Justification form-
Impact: Changes to SJSU’s Hospitality Guideline and new Hospitality Expense Justification Form requirement.