Anaya, Aggie (University Personnel) is Stepping Beyond

“The Recruiting Team has a lot of upcoming career fairs to attend. They have been ordering and gathering items to be able to really represent SJSU at the fairs. Aggie has been on it! Putting a rush order on business cards and ordering a transport cart for the Recruiting Team to use. Jenica providing an update on the items. Both Aggie and Jenica personally delivering the items when they came in to make sure it was what the Recruiting Team needed. ”

– Amanda Frank

Aggie helped us so much in getting our revamped New Employee Orientation up and running this last week. She helped with the equipment, logistics and just being generally awesome. As always, Aggie’s bright and cheery personality made even the frustrating technical difficulties we dealt with much more pleasant. In short, Aggie is the BEST!!”

-Carrie Medders

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