Allegri, Justin (Athletic Marketing) is Stepping Beyond

“Justin does more than anyone knows when it comes to broadcasting San José State athletics. Due to Allegri, the Spartans have rose to one of the best television productions in the Mountain West after being at the bottom of the conference for many years. The basketball and gymnastics television broadcasts are the best they’ve ever been thanks to Allegri and can be seen on NBC Sports Bay Area with all of it being produced in house which is extremely difficult to do. Many of SJSU’s other sports will be broadcasted at high levels for the first time ever and student-athletes have a state of the art radio studio now to do podcasts in thanks to the hard work of Allegri. Allegri has put so much of his heart into this university, that he knows how to fix almost anything and he’s almost everyone’s go to when it comes to troubleshooting. The extra hours and hours and hours and hours nobody sees that Allegri has put in is why I am recognizing him. He is helping make the student-athlete experience better than it ever has been at SJSU and should be commended on it. ”

– Sky Kerstein

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