Ferris, Braley and Bonesteel, Eric (Alumni and Community Engagement) are Stepping Beyond

“Braley and Eric have faced many difficult challenges in this year that would be hard for most employees. From grieving a loss of a great leader, to a multi-faceted office renovation and relocation, to managing shifting work priorities due to staff shortages, are just a few of many challenges they have faced this year and 2022 is not yet half way through.

I collaborate with Braley and Eric on a cross-departmental platform called SJSU¬≤ Mentoring & Meetups, and although this is in addition to their regular duties, they have gone above and beyond to support SJSU students and alumni. To name a few accomplishments, they have successfully onboarded 130+ new alumni to the SJSU¬≤ platform this year to support students with career advice. Braley and Eric also supported training and onboarding for 60+ mentor & student mentee matches for our SP ’22 semester-long Professional Mentoring Program, which is our largest mentoring cohort yet. This is all in addition to their regular work duties as Alumni Association staff. They both have endured a tough year, but remain committed to their work. I am grateful for their strength, grit, and commitment to supporting SJSU alumni and students.”

– Larissa Bates

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