Frank, Amanda (University Personnel) is Stepping Beyond

“Amanda consistently demonstrates an exemplified quality of work. She is courteous and professional in her interaction with colleagues. Amanda replies to my requests no matter how late in the day, and is excellent in following up with any questions we have. Since the initiation of the CHRS program, we have been working with Amanda who is our Division’s UP representative, and she has been a great help in supporting us with the CHRS process. ”

– Chau Barr

“Amanda honestly makes it her daily job to go above and beyond. She is always kind and patient. She knows her job and is open to share information to ensure things are done correctly and that both candidates and hiring committees/managers are given quality service. She has gone out of her way to make time to meet with me when I’ve had questions or needed direction. She is always very responsive and just genuinely cares that things are done right and people are taken good care of. Her intelligence and heart shine through in every interaction I’ve had with her and I appreciate her greatly.”

– Danyelle Johnson

“Amanda is super organized and knowledgeable about emergency hires and recruitment. She truly goes above and beyond with her ability to get us moving forward to fix the obstacles or backlog in order to get it done. Thank you Amanda, you are truly amazing.”

– Anonymous

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