Dang, Julie (Office of the Registrar) is Stepping Beyond

“I would like to nominate Julie Dang for the Spartans Stepping Beyond Recognition Program. I have worked with Julie for the past 5 years, and she has continuously displayed strong good work ethics, is very supportive and helpful to me and our co-workers/peers, and is very students-oriented in her work performance to get the job done correctly and on time. During this COVID-19 pandemic, Julie showed how much she cares about her co-workers and the students’ welfare. Julie, using her own time, called to make sure I am able to remotely connect from home to my desktop at work. She would also patiently instant message me the steps and information to help make my work easier and get the job done quicker. She also shows much care to our co-workers in the Imaging Group such that she leads the training of the processing of incoming mail of hardcopy transcripts and students’ documents. She also helps with the testings/corrections of OCR, electronic, and edi transcripts in PS/OnBase. Whenever there is a problem in the Imaging Group’s function/process/procedure, Julie is always in the frontline to help. She is truly a valuable team-player and an unsung hero to our Imaging Group. She has shown much dedication to get the job done for the students and is an embodiment of the SJSU mission.” –Aggie Wong

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