Davis, Robert (Veterans Resource Center) is Stepping Beyond

“Robert was getting asked by student veterans about how to transfer over their military savings accounts to civilian savings or retirement plans because they learned that he had personal experience with that already successfully, so after a few months of him recognizing that this clearly is a need that our veterans are having, he took it upon himself and decided to create a 3 part financial workshop series for our military connected students so he could teach them from his experiences what they need to know, what questions to ask a financial institution, how to search for a viable resource for savings or retirement, and how to plan now for their retirement which many aren’t thinking of quite yet or just don’t know how.

He launched the series in Spring ’19 with the first “trial” workshop called “The Long Game” to gain a sense of true interest and had about 20 veterans attend, so seeing there was strong interest to continue on, he is planning to host the series throughout this academic year. This is just one example of how he took initiative in his job to go above and beyond in order to create this workshop series because he truly cares about the success of our veterans transitioning from military to civilian life and wants to see them succeed in all facets of their life. We are so lucky to have Robert join the VRC staff because he’s truly dedicated to his job, his students, and doing what is best for their success.”
–Maggie Morales

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