Post-election reflections

The current election cycle, which has not yet quite concluded as of this writing, has generated a mixed array of emotions for many of us. With more than 100 million votes cast even before Nov. 3, the overall turnout for these elections will likely equal or surpass any others in our nation’s history. Even more impressive, perhaps, is the number of first-time and young voters who cast a vote or were active at the local level. Adjusting so well in the midst of a global pandemic demonstrates the power of our democracy.

“Super Tuesday” serves as a reminder of our civic responsibility and democratic principles

Today is “Super Tuesday.”That is the name political pundits have given, of course, to the day when Californians and voters from 15 other states go to the polls to participate in the Presidential Primary Election. There are many other important local and regional races and issues for which we are casting ballots, too. At San Jose State, this has been an exciting and important period for our democracy.