We have noticed a very high demand of drop/swap request.  Since training 206 requests have been submitted.  Of those 194, 92 were accepted, 13 are pending, 67 were cancelled, 23 were declined by the FDT, 5 expired, and 6 were declined by all recipients.

We have created a drop/swap and unpaid time off request cheat sheet (that can also be found in the OA shared drive) for you to reference on what category your request may fall into (this is not all inclusive, just what we have seen):

Reason Drop Swap Unpaid Time Off Request Contact FDT
Family Emergency x
Family Function (birthdays, weddings, dinners, etc) x
Going away to see family in excess of 24 hours* x
Going out of town in excess of 24 hours* x
Having excess of 4 hours in a row x
I have class at this time x** x
Internships or outside of SJSU employment x
Medical appointment (not sick time) x
RA Duty/Meetings x
School related trip (with proof from professor)* x** x
SJSU Sports Practice/Game (unexpected changes contact FDT) x
SJSU Student group activities x
Studying for Midterm in excess of 24 hours x

Requests that do not have a reason will be automatically denied.
*In excess of 24 hours means when you will be unavailable for the 3 full nights requirement.
**Requires proof from professor to drop a shift from school related activities (please email to FDT)

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