Equipment Logs Updates

Thank you for helping us keep an accurate account of our equipment at the desks! A few things:
We archived the equipment logs for the month of February so it’s clean and more organized for the March month. We’ll continue to archive them at the beginning of each month to eliminate clutter. Please make sure that you are filling out every cell in the logs. We want to provide the best customer service to our Residents by having an accurate account of our equipment and you’ll be supporting us greatly/accelerating the process by making sure each cell is filled out. We created a quick check list for you below.
  1. Fill out every cell for each equipment log
  2. When an item is returned check it out right away
  3. Remember to log in and log out if you’re using our desktops. We use Google Edit History when conducting audits. If you don’t log out of your account and someone makes a mistake on your behalf, YOU will be held accountable.
We’ll continue to audit our logs and following up with OAs who might need some extra reminders.

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