KIN Dept Chair Dr. Semerjian Community Message – March 2020

Dear KIN Students,

Normally at this time we would all be getting ready for a lovely Spring Break; however, as well all know too well, things are operating differently this year.I want you to know that your faculty, staff, and I are here to support you. We all need to be patient with one another. I have tried to find a balance between getting you information and overwhelming you with one more thing to read.

We have all been grappling with the dramatic changes in our daily lives. Faculty are working diligently to move online, just as you are trying to figure out how to keep up with school work.

There are a few updates I wanted to make sure you are aware of:

  • Commencement ceremonies have all been postponed. I am very sad not to see those of you graduating crossing the stage and celebrating with you all. While there is some hope that there will be an alternate ceremony at a later date, we will have to wait to see what is decided upon by the administration.
  • Classes will remain online for the remainder of the Spring 2020 semester.
  • Summer 2020 classes will only be offered online. This decision was made recently. At the departmental level we are determining which classes that we initially planned to offer over the summer can still be delivered in a high quality manner in an online format. We should have a final decision by April 6th and I will let you know what our offerings are once we have the schedule finalized.
  • There are a variety of resources for tutoring, computer services, food, etc. I have tried to pass these along to you as I receive them. If you have a need for a particular type of support please let me know. I am happy to connect you. The Student Success Center for the College of Health and Human Sciences is still holding virtual office hours, and they will be a great place to connect to other resources for students.  The library also has resources to help you gain access to books, articles, and reference materials.
  • If you have items locked in your locker please be assured that they will remain safe and secure. Once the shelter in place is lifted, and campus is fully open, you will be able to retrieve your items.
  • While our main offices are closed, you can still contact our staff at or your individual faculty advisers.

As I have said before, this is an unprecedented event, and we are doing the best we can. I urge you to take care of yourselves, stay safe, practice self-care, eat well and exercise as best you can. Be patient with yourselves and others. Your faculty appreciate the challenge you all as students are faced with. We are all in this together, and while the semester has not gone the way we initially intended, we are all doing our best to move forward together.

Please continue to reach out to your faculty, try to maintain good communication, and be well.


Dr. Semerjian

KIN Dept. Internship Updates FA2019

Updates on Internships 

Now that we’re past the KIN paperwork deadline for internships, if you have recently secured (or subsequently secure) an internship opportunity it is still possible to enroll this semester.
The KIN deadline is set in a way that helps insure you meet the SJSU add deadline. So, if turned in late of course it can still be processed but I cannot guarantee that all will be done by the SJSU add deadline – 9/10. If after the SJSU deadline, you can still enroll but would need a late enrollment petition.
As long as you and your site supervisor concur there is enough time to complete the hours you need, then please do go ahead and turn in paperwork, even though late.
The internship page on the KIN website contains the information you need regarding, the internship specifications form, link to online enrollment form, sample syllabus, and general information:
Complete the internship/fieldwork specifications form in consultation with your site supervisor then scan the form for subsequent upload when you complete the KIN enrollment form. The link to the online KIN enrollment form is on the KIN internships page.
Also, ask the director/manager/owner of the site you will be interning at to establish a university-organization agreement (UOA) between their agency/business/school and SJSU if we do not already have a UOA with them.  Look here first to see if a UOA already exists between the site you want to intern at and SJSU:
The link for an organization to arrange for the UOA is:
Dr. Shifflett will review information and specifications form submitted with the KIN online enrollment form and assuming all information is complete and correct Dr. Shifflett will email you information needed to add if before 9/10.  After 9/10, Dr. Shifflett will work with you to complete the late enrollment petition which you then submit to the registrar.
If you have questions, please follow up by email with: Dr. Shifflett, Internship Manager, SJSU Kinesiology Dept.