The Santa Clara University Strength & Conditioning Department – Intern-Mentorship Program

Santa Clara University: The Santa Clara University Strength & Conditioning Department is actively seeking applicants to fill our Intern-Mentorship Program, working with Olympic Sports within our program for the 2016 Winter/Spring Term (Jan. 4th-May 27th).

The intent of the Intern-Mentorship Program is to provide a several month experience of hands-on training to prepare the candidate to take on the next level position in strength and conditioning as either a graduate assistant or full-time strength coach.

Intern Coaches are expected to participate in a comprehensive educational program, including white board discussion and hands-on experience in the following areas: program design, exercise instruction, Olympic lifting progressions and techniques, plyometric, speed and agility techniques, energy system development, regeneration methods, nutritional basics, and facility and athlete management. Dependent upon the previous knowledge/experience of the candidate, he/she will have the opportunity to work with force plate testing and analysis, Sparta Trac software, and GPS monitoring. Intern Coach responsibilities will include various duties within the SCU Strength & Conditioning Department.

Hours will vary throughout the semester and may include early morning, late afternoon, or weekend hours. Requirements: 1) CPR/AED/First Aid 2) Bachelor’s degree and/or current enrollment in a related field 3) Must have a strong desire to pursue a career in strength and conditioning at the high school, collegiate, or professional team setting, possess an excellent work ethic and have the ability to take initiative and be pro-active.

Preferred: 1) SCCC, CSCS and/or USAW 2) Previous weight room or athletic coaching experience. Compensation: Continual educational resources, access to networking opportunities, potential future recommendation for professional advancement and continuing mentorship beyond completion of the internship. There will be no monetary compensation for this position.

APPLICATION: 1) Send cover letter, resume, and contact information for at least two to three references (ALL DOCUMENTS MUST BE IN ONE FILE, preferably Microsoft Word or PDF, AND NOT EXCEED 3 PAGES IN LENGTH) 2) Send a video file/link with demonstrations of Power Clean, Squat and RDL to: Patrick Dolan MS SCCC CSCS, Assistant Director of Strength and Conditioning, Santa Clara University – Athletics, 500 El Camino Real-Athletics, Santa Clara, CA 95053 or e-mail to

KIN Alumni Valeri Garcia (Quintero) on Life After Graduation

My name is Valeri Garcia (Quintero).  I graduated from San Jose State University with a degree in Kinesiology with an emphasis in Teaching in 1998.  When I started there, I had wanted to be a college coach and believed that SJSU would give me the best education to become one.  I set out to be a college coach and was able to be one but for only two years.  I turned my attention to college advising but knew, in my heart, that it was youth sports that I would enjoy the most.

During college and after graduation, I continued to coach and help out here and there with several teams but stopped until I had my own kids and it was time for them to play sports.  I now have three amazing, beautiful daughters.  Annelise is 10 years old and Mia and Micaela are 7 (yes, twins!).  I’m a youth sports coach in multiple sports, mostly softball.  Recently, I was awarded the Positive Coaching Alliance’s Double-Goal Coaching award.  At a banquet last week, I was given the opportunity to speak and when I did, I made sure to speak about how wonderful and amazing the faculty and my department was at SJSU and how much I learned from them.  I’ve been asked how I know how to coach and I tell them that I have had great coaches to learn from but I was extremely lucky to have had professionals in the field to teach me through my major.  Though I’m not coaching as a career, I do utilize many ideas that I learned as a student into my job as a college advisor at UC Davis for a program called Guardian Scholars.  We provide support to students that are former foster youth.

It’s long overdue but I want to extend my gratitude for the faculty and education I received from all of you.  I recognize many names from the website that are still teaching that were my professors when I attended.  I’m so glad to know that SJSU’s Kinesiology department continues to have the BEST faculty.

Here is an article in the SacBee that came out today about youth sports.  I was mentioned but, again, I don’t know if i could have be the coach I am today without all of you.

Valeri Garcia (Quintero)
Class of 1998