Kinesiology Students Earn AKA National Undergraduate Outstanding Scholar Awards for 2013


by Shirley Reekie

Please join us in congratulating SJSU Kinesiology Department undergraduates Olga Adelung, Shelby Baldini, and Tim Ciardella, each of whom has earned an American Kinesiology Association “National Undergraduate Outstanding Scholar” award for 2013.

These students were nominated by faculty because they have demonstrated exceptional interest in the field/conducted independent or guided research/assumed leadership positions/ have a great volunteer record and GPA.

AKA states that, “The AKA Scholar Awards recognize at the national level, the academic and leadership accomplishments of undergraduate students in AKA member departments. This annual award honors a select number of students from member departments, recommended by department faculty, whose academic and leadership records are distinctive. The award is intended to recognize and promote academic excellence, to further the professional competence and dedication of academically accomplished students and to promote kinesiology and its related fields.”

AKA “promotes and enhances kinesiology as a unified field of study and advances its many applications. AKA does this by advocating for kinesiology at national and international levels as well as by supporting its member departments by providing resource materials and leadership and educational opportunities for university administrators in kinesiology.”

Approximately 50 of these awards are presented nationally; we have three!

Great job Olga, Shelby, and Tim.

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