Career Development Club

Message from Francine Li, President of the Career Development Club

Hi everyone, I hope all of you are staying safe during these crazy times. Despite that, are you looking to boost your leadership and interpersonal skills? Come join us! The Career Development club is a student-run organization helping students to discover career paths early by connecting them to industry leaders. We aim to prepare and equip individuals for pertinent career paths by providing a platform for students to discover their professional interests and to explore the “real world” after college. Our proposed events include a series of seminars on specific career fields, a mentorship program that provides further opportunities for practical experience.

Over the summer, our club has successfully hosted a workshop with three industry leaders in their profession sharing their thoughts on the economy, the job market, and where the opportunity may lay before us. As many students may wonder what the next phase of our economy and where the jobs will be headed in the market place, come and join us to explore the future opportunities for your job career!

Please stay connected with us on LinkedIn @SJSU Career Development Club or email us @! Hope to see you there!

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