SJSU IT Tips – Healthy Navigation of Social Media


Many of us enjoy sharing videos and pictures with friends and family on social media to spread our joy and good vibes to those we are close with. I want to provide a few tips to ensure that the sharing and viewing of media does not detract from your spring adventures and studies.

  • Focus more on the experience than on capturing the perfect video. A study published in the Journal of Experimental Social Psychology reports that media usage may change or reduce memories of life events. Be sure to take time and enjoy the moment so that the memories last. (Source: MIT MindHandHeart News)
  • Limit the time you spend scrolling. The Journal of Social and Clinical Psychology asserts that people who limit their time spent on social media to under 30 minutes a day report increased levels of happiness. So take a little time to see what friends and family are doing, then disconnect and be in the present. (Source: Technology, Mind, and Behavior)
  • Connect with friends and family in real time. Social media is great for keeping up with long-distance friends and family, but social media likes and comments don’t always provide the same interpersonal connection as talking with someone in real time. Make some time to call friends and family, or if possible, get together in person to catch up and do something fun. (Source: Cone Health)

Thank you to Jeff JappLeon Nguyen, and Andrew Weiglein from the SJSU IT Program Management Office, for providing this tip. As always, the SJSU IT Service Desk is here to help by phone at (408) 924-1530 or online.

Bob Lim
Vice President for Information Technology
and CIO at San José State University

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