SJSU IT Tips – Clipboard History


If you frequently copy and paste text, images, or other content on a Windows 10 or Windows 11 computer, you’ll find the Clipboard History feature incredibly useful. It allows you to keep track of your clipboard activity and access previously copied items. Here’s how to enable and use it:

Enable Clipboard History:

  • Press the Windows key (the one with the Windows logo) and V simultaneously. This keyboard shortcut opens the clipboard history prompt.
  • Click on Turn on to enable clipboard history.

View Clipboard History:

  • Once clipboard history is enabled, press Windows key + V again.
  • A small window will pop up, displaying a list of the most recent items you’ve copied.
  • The most recent items appear at the top of the list.
  • To paste an item from the history, simply click on it.

Additional Notes:

  • Clipboard history supports storing text, HTML, and images (up to 4 MB in size).
  • It stores a maximum of 25 entries, with older items disappearing as new ones are added.
  • Unless an item is pinned to the clipboard, the history list resets after restarting your computer.

Thank you Andrew Weiglein, from the SJSU IT Program Management Office, for providing this tip. As always, the SJSU IT Service Desk is here to help by phone at (408) 924-1530 or online.

Bob Lim
Vice President for Information Technology
and CIO at San José State University

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