Kudos to Professor Amy Glazer for KEPLER’S DREAM!

Catch Professor Glazer’s latest family film in theatres or on Fandango NOW!


Professor Scott Winfield Sublett’s new play “The Repeating Arms of Sarah Winchester” will be the subject of a staged reading for one night only on Monday, December 4, in the Hammer Theatre Center’s new “black box” space: the Hammer 4.

The play explores Sarah Winchester’s exposure to the new and progressive religion of Spiritualism while she is still a young widow residing in New Haven, Connecticut. The reading will be produced by the Dept. of Film and Theatre in partnership with The San Jose Stage Company, directed by Kirsten Brandt, and produced by Barnaby Dallas, with set designs under the supervision of Prof. Andrea Bechert.

“At this point in her life, Mrs. Winchester is a rational, well-read, progressive suffragette, searching, like many Americans were in the late 1800s, for a new religion to replace the harsh Calvinism of her youth. This is not the fictional, kooky Sarah of the tourist attraction house,” Sublett said.\

Meanwhile, Prof. Sublett’s new musical, “Charleston Harbor,” will be given a staged reading by Manhattan’s legendary Amas Musical Theatre on Nov. 30 and Dec. 1. Amas is noted for having invented “non-tradition casting” before the term was coined.

The play is about Robert Smalls, a slave who became the greatest black hero of the Civil War.

The great 19th century intellectual Frederick Douglass accompanied Captain Smalls to a meeting with President Lincoln, who was so impressed with Smalls’s military exploits that he was persuaded to allow blacks to enlist in the Union Army.

“Smalls was forgotten by history, lost, which shocked and disheartened me,” Sublett said. “It’s my hope that the play revives interest in Smalls by other artists, by scholars, and particularly by historians. He deserves a higher place in history than he has been given.”

Subtitled “A True Civil War Adventure with Historical Music,” the new play integrates authentic spirituals of 1800s into the dramatic action.


Christopher Scott will direct for Amas.

College of Humanities and the Arts 2017 Distinguished Service Award Goes to Film & Television’s Dr. Kathie Kratochvil

Dr. Kratochvil with her son and husband

Congratulations to Theatre Arts lecturer Dr. Kathie Kratochvil, who was selected by Dean Vollendorf as the winner of the 2107 Distinguished Service Award from the College of Humanities and the Arts for her many contributions to our department and the community beyond our institution’s walls. 

Kathie received a $1,000.00 professional development award as well as a certificate of achievement from the Dean at the College of Humanities and the Arts Awards Luncheon in May. 

Thank you, Kathie, for making our department look good in the college! The Department. of Film, and Theatres extraordinary lecturers are a big reason for the quality education students are getting in our department.

Recent TRFT Faculty Accomplishments

ALISON McKEE has been productive on both the scholarly and creative fronts. She has a contract for a scholarly book: “Home Noir: Gender and Domestic Space in Postwar American Film (1946-1959). Therese Grisham, Merrill Schleier, Alison L. McKee.  New Brunswick, NJ: Rutgers University Press She also has a solicited book chapter in the works: “‘Flung Out of Space’”: Adaptation and the State of Normal in Carol.”  This past July she published her first novel, a  romance. She reports, “No, it’s not in the vein of 50 SHADES OF GRAY. Yes, it’s published under a pen name.”

AMY GLAZER’s latest feature film that she directed, shot in New Mexico, “Kepler’s Dream,” will be premiering at the Mill Valley film Festival October 6-16, 2016. The film featured actress Kelly Lynch (star of “Drugstore Cowboy”). Other directors represented at the festival will be Jim Jarmusch, Kenneth Lonergan, Paul Verhoeven, Terence Davies, Rob Nilsson, Ken Loach and James Franco, so Prof. Glazer is in good company.

JESSA MORENO  directed the World Premiere of Dipika Guha’s Mechanics of Love for Crowded Fire in SF as the inaugural show under new artistic director Mina Morita’s leadership. Guha is, perhaps, the most talented young playwright in California. Jessa was thrilled to invite students to join the professional team, including Matt Casey as Asst. Stage Manager. Matt was asked back to the company and did a remarkable job.

DEBBIE WEBER took a 4-day intensive workshop at Penn State with British Master Tailor, Graham Cottenden.  “I returned with a sample tailored piece that I can use when teaching our more advanced costume students this fall,and I’d like to teach a one-day workshop on making a welt pocket.”

LAURA LONG finished acting work on three indie short films and will be acting in a fourth indie feature film beginning this weekend. She also wrote the script for Tre Nixon’s EP music video and have been consulting on the production. She will be producing the subsequent 4 scripts for that project.

SCOTT WINFIELD SUBLETT has just signed a contract to have his book, Screenwriting for Neurotics from University of Iowa Press, translated into Chinese.