From Professor Scott Sublett: Kudos to SJSU Screenwriting Students!

Michael Quintana, Finalist-1

Michael Quintana, 2nd Place, Feature Screenplay

Once again, SJSU Screenwriting Students Have Triumphed at the CSU Media Arts Festival

The awards were made at a ceremony last night in Los Angeles.

RTVF major Mark Hertzler won 1st Place in the Short Screenplay category. His script, “Becoming the Wild,” is a western about a religious man forced into violence. Mark wrote the script in our online RTVF 160 class.

Michael Quintana won 2nd Place in the Feature Screenplay category. His script, “Hare,” is a modern take on an Aesop fable. Michael, who recently graduated with his MFA in Creative Writing from SJSU, wrote the script in our RTVF 160 class. Last year Michael took 1st place in the same category for his script “White Rabbit,” which has been optioned by a Hollywood producer.

2015 marks the eighth year in a row that SJSU students have won first place in a CSU Media Arts Festival screenwriting category. Congratulations to our unstoppable screenwriting students!

Congratulations also to RTVF major Kourosh Ahari, who won 3rd in the Narrative cinema category for his film “Malaise,” and to Animation Illustration major Natalie Corsie, who placed 4th in Animation for “Home.”

Kaucher Mitchell Mathis-Swanson Celebrates 122nd Event

KMMS_122Beverly Mathis-Swanson writes:

After a thrilling, chilling and stunning performance by Lauren Doyle, Kaucher Mitchell Mathis-Swanson finalists: Elizabeth Gibbons, Roslyn Murtha, Megan Ashley Johansen, William Gaoiran Jr., Cheyenne Ismailciuc, Jessica Jay, Jessica Osegueda, Victor Pham, Joseph Soto-Hockenberry, and Mandy Tamrocked the house! Sanchez Michaels was fabulous with his legendary performance, as Lauren Doyle gracefully lead the packed house through our 122nd. event. Congratulations to all and our winners: Roslyn Murtha andJessica Osegueda! Keep on rockin’ on, all y’ all! Cheers!

Kudos to The Bev, all her students, finalists, and winners!

New Theatre Arts Scholarships Awarded

TRFT Chair David Kahn writes:scholarships

I’m happy to announce the awarding of two external scholarships I secured this year.  Based on a preselection of finalists and an impressive set of audition/interviews yesterday, the committee from the Rossmoor Retirement Community Theatre group awarded a $2000 scholarship to Yoshi Asai and a $1750 scholarship to Alex Draa.  The other finalists, Dani Issa and Will Corkery, were also impressive and the committee was genuinely sorry they couldn’t award all four.  The $2000 Wilcox Scholarship will be awarded on an annual basis to a qualified ongoing theatre student.

Kudos to Professor Kahn for his hard work on behalf of the Department and its students, and congratulations to the winners and finalists!