Akos Meggyes’ Script SPACE-NUNS Wins 3rd at 2013 CSU Media Arts


Akos Meggyes  (RTVF MAJOR)
SJSU President’s Scholar 2013
SJSU Salzburg Scholar 2012 — U.S. Center for Citizen Diplomacy: National Top Ten Program
Award Recipient 2012-13 — SJSU Undergraduate Research Grant
Phi Kappa Phi 2012

Akos’ short screen play, Space-Nuns, received third place at the 2013 CSU Media Arts Festival in Fullerton, CA.
Akos comments, “The script actually was a formatting exercise in Prof. Scott Sublett’s screenwriting class. I also received much help in classes of other screenwriting teachers like Professors Barnaby Dallas and David Kahn. To translate the script into a film production great amounts of wisdom came from Professors Harry Mathias, Babak Sarrafan, Nick Martinez, and Amy Glazer Connolly. For the creation of a meaningful project it is very important to have skills in film and media criticism, and I could not have done it without Professors Apryl Berney, Drew Todd, and Alison McKee. I really enjoy film-making and being an RTVF student at SJSU just made it even more a passion of mine.”

Akos Meggyes

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