William T. Armaline

William T. Armaline Portrait

Associate Professor, Justice Studies. (Photo by: David Schmitz/San Jose State University)

William Armaline is the founder of the Human Rights Minor Program, Director of the Human Rights Institute, and an Associate Professor in the Department of Sociology and Interdisciplinary Social Sciences [SISS] at San José State University. His formal training and professional experience spans sociology, education, and human rights. Dr. Armaline’s interests, applied work, and scholarly publications address social problems as they relate to political economy, environmental sustainability, human rights, racism and anti-racist action, critical pedagogy and transformative education, inequality and youth, mass incarceration, and drug policy reform. Please follow him and all things Human Rights at SJSU on the HRI website (www.sjsu.edu/hri) and on Twitter (@SJSUHumanRights).

Phone: 408-924-2935
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Black Lives Matter, Health and Human Sciences, Discrimination, Diversity, Governance, Human Rights, Jails, Justice, Justice Studies, Police

Scott Myers-Lipton

Scott Myers-Lipton Portrait

Professor, Sociology and Interdisciplinary Social Science. (Photo by: David Schmitz/San Jose State University)

Scott Myers-Lipton is a professor of sociology and author of the book Rebuild America: Solving the Economic Crisis Through Civic Works. He holds a doctoral degree of philosophy from the University of Colorado, Boulder. He co-founded the successful campaign to raise the minimum wage in San Jose. His interests include poverty and wealth, race, community change and service learning. Recent media coverage includes this front-page story in The New York Times.

Phone: 408-924-5761
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Governance, Human Rights, Justice, Minimum Wage, Poverty, Social Sciences, Sociology