May 1 CS Colloquium

This Thursday Juliette Kennedy from the University of Helsinki will talk about one of Kurt Godel’s attempts to apply the idea of computability– which had recently been defined by Alan Turing– to the ideas of provability and definability in mathematics. Full details can be found here:

The talk will be May 1, 2013 in MH225 at 3 PM. Join us for refreshments in MH210 at 3:30.

We’re #11!

Good thing you didn’t waste your money on a CS degree from Carnegie Mellon:

Summer School

The CS Dept will be offering the following classes this summer 6/2/2014 – 8/9/2014:

CS46B MW 900 – 1130 WSQ 109 Merz (+ lab on Fridays)

CS47  MW  1800-1955  MH422    Butt

CS147 TR   1700 – 1855 DH450     Atta

CS151 TR   900 – 1055   DH 351     Merz

CS154 TR  900 – 1055  DH450     Atta

CS180 TBA                                       Caires (1 unit internship course)



Friday at 5 Rikoshe will be hosting a 24 hour hack-a-thon. They are looking for students to develop HTML 5 games. There are prizes and food. Look for the information desk in front of MacQuarrie 226 Tuesday and Wednesday this week.


Applications are available for scholarship in the CS Dept office. Scholarships are for CS and SE majors who will be enrolled in Fall 2014. The deadline is April 18.

Looking for Grad Courses?

If you are an international graduate student struggling to enroll in 9 units, here are a few suggestions:

I New sections added today:1. CS 286 Sec 3 TR at 6:30 MH 222 Game Development Project

2. CS 200W sec 4 MW 10 in SCI 311

3. CS 257 sec 2 MW 7:30 in MH 233 (database)

II You can also take computer engineering courses. They too are full, so getting in isn’t guaranteed. Here’s a link for add codes CmpE Add Codes

III You can also take undergraduate courses. In fact, you can take any course you can get into anywhere in this university or other local universities (Santa Clara, East Bay, etc.) The only catch is that you will need your advosir’s approval to have these courses count toward your MS degree.



New Graduate CS Class

Graduate students looking for classes:

There will be a new section of CS257 on MW at 7:30. The first class meeting will tentatively be in SCI 311.

The math department has two sponsored projects, one with NASA, where Prof. Slobodan Simic is the supervisor.  The other one is statistical in nature and sponsored by  IBM;  Prof. Martina Bremer is the supervisor.  The industry sponsors will be giving a colloquium on Wed, Jan 29 at 3:00 in MH 320. They are interested in CS participants, and these are for-credit courses. Show up at the meeting or contact the supervising professors.

If you are interested in big data, check out Math 267: Computational Statistics. You will get graduate CS credit for it.

As a reminder, if you are still unable to fill your classes, please let Dr. Pearce know by Thursday.