Summer School

The CS Dept will be offering the following classes this summer 6/2/2014 – 8/9/2014:

CS46B MW 900 – 1130 WSQ 109 Merz (+ lab on Fridays)

CS47  MW  1800-1955  MH422    Butt

CS147 TR   1700 – 1855 DH450     Atta

CS151 TR   900 – 1055   DH 351     Merz

CS154 TR  900 – 1055  DH450     Atta

CS180 TBA                                       Caires (1 unit internship course)



Friday at 5 Rikoshe will be hosting a 24 hour hack-a-thon. They are looking for students to develop HTML 5 games. There are prizes and food. Look for the information desk in front of MacQuarrie 226 Tuesday and Wednesday this week.


Applications are available for scholarship in the CS Dept office. Scholarships are for CS and SE majors who will be enrolled in Fall 2014. The deadline is April 18.