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Mini-Salzburg Conference | West Valley College

April 15th, 2014
4/11/14 - West Valley College hosted its 3rd annual Mini-Salzburg Conference in cooperation with the SJSU Salzburg Program, part of its growing partnership with San Jose State to promote global citizenship.  Confronting Urgent Issues: Globalization, Community Colleges, and Immigration featured an opening talk on “Globalization and the Community College” by Jochen Fried (Director of Education | Salzburg Global Seminar) and also included presentations on the “SJSU Global Certificate” by Steve Branz (2007 Salzburg Fellow) and Kate Davis (2012 Salzburg Fellow) and a presentation on the “Global Citizenship Pipeline Project” by Ken Hawthorn (2012 Salzburg Scholar).  Contact Cynthia Napoli-Reiss (2010 WVC Salzburg Fellow) for more information.


Global Career Day | College of Business

April 15th, 2014
4/9/14 - The College of Business hosted its first Global Career Day, which was attended by 450+ participants and featured a keynote address by SJSU alumna Jenny Ming, President & CEO of Charlotte Russe.  Conceived and organized by Malu Roldan (2013 Salzburg Fellow) and Tanvi Kothari 2013 Salzburg Fellow), with the assistance of Skylar Lewandowski (2013 Salzburg Scholar) and other students in CoB, the event included 3 panels addressing academic and practical aspects of global careers as well as a networking lunch and resource fair.  CoB Dean David Steele (2011 Salzburg Fellow) and Bill Reckmeyer (SJSU Salzburg Program Director) presented brief welcoming remarks and served on the panel examining the Value of Global Education, which also included presentations by Alice Hines (2011 Salzburg Fellow) and Travis Lopez(2012 Salzburg Scholar).  Contact by Malu Roldan or Tanvi Kothari for more information.


Wagnleitner Interview | Salzburg Global Seminar

April 1st, 2014
4/1/14 - Reinhold Wagnleiter (GCP Core Faculty | Associate Professor of History – University of Salzburg) was recently profiled in a front-page interview by the Salzburg Global Seminar in its Faces of Leadership series during Session #60 of the Global Citizenship Program.  In his GCP lecture on The United States of America and the World: Views From a Distance, Dr. Wagnleitner emphasized that “the very Idea of America is a European invention” as he discussed how attitudes to globalization and the GCP have changed in sixty sessions.  For more information, contact Dr. Wagnleitner directly.


Salzburg Fellows & Scholars | 2014-2015

April 1st, 2014
4/1/14 - The SJSU Salzburg Program has selected 7 faculty to serve as SJSU Salzburg Fellows and 14 students to serve asSJSU Salzburg Scholars in 2014-2015.  The new Fellows and Scholars will participate in a variety of orientation and preparation activities (Spring 2014), attend intensive week-long sessions of the Global Citizenship Program at the Salzburg Global Seminar (Summer 2014), and spend the following academic year working on collaborative and individual projects with other Fellows and Scholars to help globalize the university (Fall 2014-Spring 2015).  For more information, check out theProgram Website or contact the Program Office.


Curriculum Development | Communication Studies & EOP

March 5th, 2014
3/3/14 – Alberto Gutierrez (2010 Salzburg Scholar) has developed several globally-oriented assignments and activities for two courses – COMM 20 (GE course on Public Speaking) and UNVS 95 (EOP course on Academic Success | First Year Experience) - that he has been teaching since 2012.  Contact Alberto Gutierrez for more information.