New AIESEC Branch | Laos

5/12/14 – Katie Louie (2011 Salzburg Scholar) is currently working as the Director of Organizational Development for AISEC in Laos, where she is launching a national branch of this global youth leadership development organization (  Katie was active in the local chapter of AISEC at SJSU, which was recently awarded Most Outstanding Special Interest Organization at the SJSU Leadership Award Night.


Graduate Research Fellowship | National Science Foundation

4/30/14 – Special congratulations to Joy Franco (2013 Salzburg Scholar), who will be graduating from SJSU in May 2014 with a BS in Electrical Engineering and has been awarded a Graduate Research Fellowship from the National Science Foundation to continue her studies.  One of only 3 SJSU students/alumni selected for this prestigious award this year, she conducted research with Dr. Katherine Wilkinson, was funded by MARC/RISE for research at SJSU, and has been actively involved as an officer in the Society of Women Engineers.  Joy will be attending Stanford University to pursue a Ph.D. in Engineering and Neuroscience.  See the April edition of the Academic Affairs Newsletter for more information.
4/30/14 – Congratulations also to Andy Dang (2013 Salzburg Scholar), who will be graduating from SJSU in May 2014 with a BS in Chemistry and was one of only 4 SJSU students who received Honorable Mention in the competition for Graduate Research Fellowships awarded by the National Science Foundation.  Andy conducted research with Dr. Joseph Pesek, was funded by the NSF Scholars in Science Program at SJSU, and has been an active member of LSAMP.  Andy will be attending the University of Washington to pursue a Ph.D. in Analytical Chemistry.  See the April edition of the Academic Affairs Newsletter for more information.

Academic Accolades | Honors Convocation

4/25/14 – Congratulations to 17 SJSU Salzburg Scholars who were recognized for their undergraduate academic accomplishments at the 52nd SJSU Honors Convocation in the Student Event Center.

Six students were honored as President’s Scholars (4.0 GPA for at least 2 of the last 3 semesters):

  • Codi Mills (2013 Salzburg Scholar) | CASA
  • Sophia Gutierrez (2013 Salzburg Scholar) | CoHA
  • Akos Meggyes (2012 Salzburg Scholar) | CoHA
  • Debby Ng (2014 Salzburg Scholar) | CoHA
  • Matthew Diez (2012 Salzburg Scholar) | CoSS
  • Inderpal Kaur (2014 Salzburg Scholar) CoSS

Eleven Scholars were honored as Dean’s Scholars (3.65+ GPA for 2 semesters):

  • Erin Enguero (2013 Salzburg Scholar ) | CASA
  • Alexander Ciak (2012 Salzburg Scholar) | CoB
  • Matthew Diwata (2014 Salzburg Scholar) | CoB
  • Skylar Lewandowski (2013 Salzburg Scholar) | CoB
  • Joy Franco (2013 Salzburg Scholar) | CoENG
  • Laura Hart (2013 Salzburg Scholar) | CoHA
  • Sophie Powers (2012 Salzburg Scholar) | CoHA
  • Andy Dang (2013 Salzburg Scholar) | CoS
  • Susana Cabrera-Mariz (2010 Salzburg Scholar) | CoSS
  • Kanza Naqvi (2012 Salzburg Scholar) | CoSS
  • Nichole Yang (2013 Salzburg Scholar) | CoSS

Featured Student | Honors Convocation

4/25/14 – Debby Ng (2014 Salzburg Scholar), a President’s Scholar majoring in Liberal studies, was profiled in a Featured Story as 1 of the 16 “best and brightest” students recognized at the SJSU’s 54th annual Honors Convocation.  Highlights of this year’s event included a Keynote Address by Dr. Winifred Schultz-Krohn (2014 Outstanding Professor); and the awarding of an honorary doctorate to Charles W. Davidson (SJSU alumnus and major donor to the Davidson College of Engineering).  Explore the Honors Convocation website for more information, where you can view previous Keynote Addresses by Thalia Anagnos (2011 Salzburg Fellow | 2012 Outstanding Professor) and Bill Reckmeyer (Director – SJSU Salzburg Program | 2010 Outstanding Professor) as well as other materials about this major campus event through the years.