Featured Student | Honors Convocation

4/25/14 – Debby Ng (2014 Salzburg Scholar), a President’s Scholar majoring in Liberal studies, was profiled in a Featured Story as 1 of the 16 “best and brightest” students recognized at the SJSU’s 54th annual Honors Convocation.  Highlights of this year’s event included a Keynote Address by Dr. Winifred Schultz-Krohn (2014 Outstanding Professor); and the awarding of an honorary doctorate to Charles W. Davidson (SJSU alumnus and major donor to the Davidson College of Engineering).  Explore the Honors Convocation website for more information, where you can view previous Keynote Addresses by Thalia Anagnos (2011 Salzburg Fellow | 2012 Outstanding Professor) and Bill Reckmeyer (Director – SJSU Salzburg Program | 2010 Outstanding Professor) as well as other materials about this major campus event through the years.


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