UHS Main Office Closure

Beginning December 24, 2019, through January 2, 2020, the UHS Main office and SJSU Campus will be closed with limited staffing.  If you need assistance from any of the UHS staff, they will return on January 2, 2020.

For OA’s working over the winter break, we will be emailing you on who to contact if an issue arises.

Spring OA Training

As a reminder, all OA’s are required to attend the Spring OA training on Friday, January 17, 2020.

Training is mandatory for all OA’s and was part of your offer in the Fall 2019 semester.

Training will start at 9:00am.  We are still working on getting a location that can hold all 186 of us!

Please plan to return to campus before the 17th as OA shifts will start on January 18, 2020 at 6pm.


We have been seeing a lot of drop/swaps without a reason provided.  Here are some reminders to follow when requesting a Drops/Swap:

  • Submitted 48 hours in advance from the shift requesting to drop
  • Put in a Reason for the request
    • Requests will not be approved without a reason
  • Needs to be accepted by another student
    • Requests not accepted are still the responsibility of the student assigned to the shift.  Failure to show up for the shift will result in a no show
  • Requests will be processed/approved during UHS business hours (requested submitted over the weekend will not be approved)
    • Monday-Friday 8:00am-5:00pm
  • Unauthorized swaps outside of When I Work could result in disciplinary action i.e. loss of hours

Reminder: Enter Time-November Pay Period

As we are halfway through the November pay period, we wanted to remind everyone about pay period and the email that went out on November 13, 2019.  As a reminder, the last day of the November pay period is Saturday, November 30th.  If you are going out of town for Thanksgiving, please make sure your hours are entered into SJSU@Work before you leave!

  • Clocking in/out in WIW or use the Sign-Up Sheet: This is important because we use the timesheet feature in WIW to validate your hours worked and compare it to what is entered in SJSU@Work at the end of the month.  If there is a discrepancy we then have to look at all your shifts worked, which can be very time-consuming. This information is used every Monday to verify SJSU@Work vs WIW.
  • Report hours Daily in SJSU@Work:  Report your hours at the end of your shift in SJSU@Work.  We use this to validate hours worked versus reported in SJSU@Work.  This information is used every Monday to verify SJSU@Work vs WIW.

If you don’t clock in/out in WIW or if your name does not appear in the sign up sheet, we will count it as a no show and it could lead to you getting paid for those hours late (with the notion that you have proof of being present at your shift) and/or disciplinary action.

The November Pay Period is October 31, 2019-November 30, 2019.


Spring OA Availability & Schedule

As we start preparing for the Spring semester OA schedule, we need all OA’s to update their availability by December 15, 2019.  We understand your class schedule may change, but we need an idea of your schedule and your availability.

As a reminder, the following should be included in your availability to avoid scheduling conflicts:

Class Schedules Scheduled class times for the week (midterms are not included)
RA Duty/Meetings Your RA duty and weekly RA meetings
Sports Commitments If you are an athlete, please put in all your practice times, games, etc.
Student Groups If you belong to any student groups or student government
Internships/Other non-SJSU Job If you have an internship or another job outside SJSU
Any other outside commitments If you attend a weekly meeting or anything that is reoccurring

We plan to publish the January schedule by January 15, 2020.  Please keep an eye out in WIW for your schedule around that time.  As a reminder, desks open back up on January 18th at 6:00pm.