Better Live Chat and Chatbot for SJSU

A sample chatbot interactionUPDATE (September 2022): There are now 23 departments across the university utilizing Enterprise Chat to provide a better help experience, including the SJSU IT Service Desk

We’ve rolled out a new, enterprise-grade live chat and 24/7 chatbot solution for SJSU. With Enterprise Chat, conversations transfer between departments without losing information. Folks using online chat no longer need to re-explain their problem or retell their story every time a new department needs to be brought in. This is a huge win for customer service and completely eliminates one of the most frustrating things about trying to get help online. We started with an early rollout to 8 of the university’s busiest departments, with 7 more ready by the end of October 2021. The 24/7 chatbot gathers information, provides solutions for many common problems, and requests live help when it can’t. By handling the little stuff, the chatbot frees up departments to work on the big stuff. It comes with AI capabilities, using machine learning to identify commonly-asked questions from historical chats and proposes adding questions and answers for inquiries that come up often.  You can find our support page for the Enterprise Chat on the SJSU IT website.

Providing good support and excelling at customer service is a foundation of SJSU IT’s long-term strategy. In IT, we have to continually build trust, not only that the new tools and new resources we implement work, but that we’re there to help you when they don’t. That trust builds and extends into our relationships as we work across campus to digitize and automate processes, find more efficient ways to use technology, and partner with other departments on new initiatives. 

I want to thank Ravi Pisupati and Sree Gandikota for their help getting this ready for campus.

Best regards,
Bob Lim