USA Spending website now has COVID-19 spending data

If you participated in our Data Science for All seminar on Spark and Jupyter notebooks in the past two years, you were using data on government spending from the website.  They have now added a dataset focused on the government’s spending related to COVID-19.  We have not had a chance to dig through it yet, but it could prove interesting!

One caveat to keep in mind is that for the seminar we needed to do a bit of data wrangling both in accessing the data and getting it ready for the seminar, so this may not be the cleanest data to work with, but it could make for an interesting class project.

The notebooks we used for downloading the earlier dataset are available under a Creative Commons ShareAlike license out on our Data Science for All website – just look at the page on the Spark and Jupyter seminar.

Tableau’s Annual Conference is Virtual (and free!) on October 6 – 8

If you participated in the Data Science for All Seminar Telling Your Data Story Using Tableau, and want to learn more about Tableau, you should sign up for the virtual conference on October 6-8.  They are also selling additional training, but no need to buy anything – you can just attend the free conference.  They should have some interesting speakers, including Nate Silver who came to fame based on his election predictions.

Register for the conference at the following URL:

Free Graph Conference from Neo4j in October

If you attended the Exploring Relationships in Graphs seminar and found using Neo4j to explore the relationships in Yelp data as exciting as we do, then you may be interested in the NODES 2020 conference coming up on Tuesday, October 20th!

Due to the pandemic, it’s all online this year, but that means no travel or registration expense, so you can attend completely free from the comfort of your own couch!

If you want to learn more about graphs, go to the conference website and sign up:

We Migrated!

Hi Data Science for All participants!  over the summer we migrated our website to be hosted here at SJSU along with our blog for the seminar series.

If you stumbled upon our blog, please see the Data Science for All website and sign up for the free seminars we will be hosting online this Fall semester.

We are excited to have our website back up and running again, but unfortunately our old blog content did not carry over. However, please continue to follow us as we will continue to blog about upcoming seminars and how you can build on the skills you learned in the seminars to take your skills to the next level!