IBM’s Call for Code 2022 Has Started!!!


Are you looking for some way to flex your new Python skills and explore some data?

Consider registering either individually or as a team for IBM’s Call for Code 2022 Global Challenge.  Each year IBM has a contest looking at trying to address some social need, and this year it’s sustainability:

How can technology improve sustainable production, consumption, and management of resources, reduce pollution creation, and protect biodiversity to create a greener future?

The winning team takes hoe a cool $200,000! That of course draws in a lot of competition!

Register Here for the Call for Code – submissions due October 31, 2022

However, even if you don’t win, this gives you a good goal to work on, something you can share, and access to learning materials, datasets from the sponsors, access to Weather Company’s data API, technical sessions, and other tools.  You also get a free account on IBM’s cloud without having to enter a credit card (even for the free level, you usually have to enter your credit card, which can be a hassle as a student).

In 2019, even before everyone went virtual with the pandemic, the winning team met face-to-face for the first time at the awards ceremony when they were collecting their prize – so you could work on a virtual team with friends on the other side of the country or around the globe!