Pathways in Data Science and Machine Learning – panel discussion on 5/18

DeepLearning.AI, which was founded by Andrew Ng (who is one of the keynote speakers at the Data+AI Summit, a co-founder of Coursera, and has one of the most popular AI courses on Coursera), is hosting a 1-hour panel discussion titled Pathways in Data Science and Machine Learning with 4 women in the field of machine learning and AI, including the chief data scientist at IBM, and the director of machine learning at Databricks. We use the Databricks community platform in the Spark and Jupyter notebooks seminar. The panel discussion is free (as are most things posted on our blog).

The panel will be discussing pivoting your career to data science or machine learning. Although many of you may be more at the start of your careers than pivoting, this should still be an interesting discussion, and it’s targeted at both technical and non-technical audiences.

Although the discussion is not about women in data science, if you are a woman looking to work in this field, it’s always good to see women at the C-level talking about the field. Guys are obviously welcome to attend too and I signed up.

Since this is during final exams here at SJSU, maybe you don’t have a lot of free time on the 18th, but if you register (it’s free), they will send you a link to the recording afterwards, and it should be an interesting discussion!