Student presentations are pre-recorded. They are listed on this page. Click the link to view the presentation abstract and recording.

No Nos Que Demos Atrás: Bridging the Emerging Technologies Gap Within the Latinx Community, by Natali Carmona Guzman

The Research Lifecycle and The Librarian by Irene Miller

Bridging the Digital Divide in Heritage Preservation using Browser Based VR by Aisha Abdul Rahman

The Information Needs of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing by Joy Metcalfe

The Information Seeking Behaviors and Needs of the LGBTQIA2S+ and Queer Community: Barriers, Risks, and How to Build Queer-Friendly Libraries by Lindsey Bouchard

Building a College-Going Culture with Libraries by Allison Law

Inclusive Foundations: Simple ways to include inclusive practices when creating information artifacts by Samantha Warriner (Outstanding Student Presentation Award Winner)

Information Needs of the Body Modification Community by Kaitlynn Edrington

Libraries as Care Partners: Meeting the Information Needs of Informal Caregivers of Older Adults with Dementia by Marlene Lozano

Untapped Spaces: Library Rooftops (An Endeavor in Reducing Food Insecurity)  by Heather Reust

From Overlooked to Understood: Rediscovering Art in the Library by Aryn Prestia

AI is not an Author: Developing an AI Policy for the Student Research Journal by Marc Hoffeditz & Irene Miller

Amenity Detection &  Inventory Tracking using Deep Learning techniques by Faiza Ayoun, Nilisha Makam Prashantha, & Sangamithra Murugesan

Fostering Career Preparedness Through MLIS Course Experiences and the Experiential Learning Theory by Ashley Minnich

Tracking the Information Behaviors of Christian Nationalism in America by Cailee Page

Queering the Catalog: LGBTQIA2S+ Centered Approaches to Building Classification Systems by Marcus Ortiz (Outstanding Student Presentation Award Winner)

Citizen Science in the Library by Hope Peters (Outstanding Student Presentation Award Winner)

Youth Agency in an International School: A Case Study by Jolani Rhodenizer & Saara Doi

Machine Learning approach to greenhouse emission analysis by Shikha Singh

Amenity Detection and Inventory Tracking using Detectron2 by Anisha Rao & Lina Louis

Justice Denied: The Overlooked Needs of America’s Public Defenders by Dillon Darr

Community as information source: Meeting the professional development needs of rural librarians by Rebecca Joy Clower (Outstanding Student Presentation Award Winner)

Implementing Acquisitions: From Spreadsheets to a New ILS by Kayla Valdivieso

Digital Twins: Bridging the physical and virtual worlds by Shreya Parmar

Beauty Bytes: Social Media in Digital Literacy and Information Community Behavior by Sydney Salinda (Outstanding Student Presentation Award Winner)

Strategic Volunteering for LIS Students by Jade Dean

Information and Education Application in Virtual Environments by Shannon Broden

Information Behavior of the Unhoused Community: Needs, Barriers, and the Role of Libraries as Bridges by Lilia Wright


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