Public Health Faculty Awarded a NIH Grant

Dr. Chulwoo ‘Charles’ Park has been awarded the National Institutes of Health (NIH) SuRE-First Award (R16) for a 4-year research period from August 2023 to June 2027. In his research, the population is on Asian/Asian American immigrant young adults learn multiple languages, being exposed to English as an additional language (L2) in the United States after mainly using a first language (L1) from their country of origin. The study population is also multilingual 1.5 generation Asian/Asian American immigrant young adults aged 18-25 years in the San Francisco Bay Area. In this grant, Dr. Park is investigating the impact of learning an additional language, namely, the dominant language of the community, on the mental health and psychological well-being of Asian/Asian American immigrant young adults. The study also explores its influence on their sense of acceptance, inclusion, and ethnic identity in the United States. This study will provide suggestions to address the structural drivers of mental health disparities among immigrant populations, such as results of the experience of racism, discrimination, and anti-Asian hate crime, which are linked to individual’s own multilingual language identity and skills.

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