Spotlight on Audiology Faculty Research

Dr. Anusha Yellamsetty’s recent focus addresses a critical concern: tinnitus resulting from COVID-19. Collaborating across the country, she aims to unravel the prevalence of COVID-19-induced tinnitus and its impact on speech perception. Dr. Yellamsetty is also actively involved in empowering accessibility through assistive listening device technology and the development of reliable self-fitting hearing aids. Aligned with the recent Over the Counter (OTC) Act, which aims to expand accessibility and enable users to achieve clinical-standard fitting from the comfort of their homes, Dr. Yellamsetty has successfully secured two grants through industrial collaborations. These include one from ($31,426) and another from Concha Labs ($16,158). This grants supported three graduate assistants.

Dr. Adam Svec is currently exploring psychoacoustics, particularly delving into the intriguing phenomenon of forward masking. His research aims to unravel the mysteries surrounding auditory perception and the impacts of age and hearing loss on an individual’s ability to recover from a noisy background over time. Dr. Svec has successfully secured a grant from the Hearing Industry Research Consortium for the project titled “Assessing the Role of Envelope Fluctuations on Communication Difficulties for Individuals with Minimal Hearing Loss,” with a grant amount of $150,000, which supports a graduate assistant and an ongoing collaboration with the lab of Dr. Marc Brennan at University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

We commend Dr. Anusha Yellamsetty, Dr. Adam Svec, and their teams for their tireless dedication to advancing audiology research and education. Their contributions are shaping the future of audiology and hearing health.

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