Get to Know Talisha Teague

By: Itzel Medina

Academic advisers assist students in making long-term decisions about their education and careers. Academic advisors become  invested in their students’ lives like Stockton, California native, Talisha Teague. Teague is an academic advisor from the College of Health and Human Sciences. She started her advising career at the University of Oklahoma then decided to come back to California and began working at San Jose State University in 2017.

“Seeing the students succeed is my favorite part of being an advisor. I stay in touch with my students from OU and SJSU and I love hearing about their jobs and what they are up to in their careers,” said Teague. According to Anthony Korsund, director of the CHHS Student Success Center, “Talisha is, in many respects, the heart and soul of the CHHS Student Success Center team.”

Teague’s advice to her students is, “You are on your own timeline. Don’t base your academics on what your parents or friends think. Come up with your own plan and have fun with it!” She wants to make sure students know that everything is at their own pace and don’t feel discouraged just because someone else is completing a goal before they do.

Not only is Teague an academic advisor at the success center, but she is also the Program Coordinator. She is in charge of the events and many projects for the student success center. The Ice Cream Socials and the CHHS Student Organization Fair were all her, with the help of her coworkers of course.

In addition to her work as an academic advisor and program coordinator, she is also a baker. “Ways to de-stress are cooking and baking, which I give samples to family and friends and coworkers,” said Teague. Not only is baking a stress reliever for her but she does it because she loves it. Enjoy this picture of Teague’s delicious cookies.

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