Kinesiology Faculty and Students Attend CAHPERD

By: Dr. David Daum

The Department of Kinesiology faculty and students were busy this spring attending the California Association for Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance (CAHPERD) state convention in Los Angeles.

CAHPERD is the premier state-wide professional development and advocacy organization for K-12 health and physical educators. It was a vibrant occasion, as attendees were excited to be part of an in-person event for the first time in two years. Conferences are always busy, and this year was no exception.

Assistant Professor Dr. David Daum, attended the conference along with two undergraduate Kinesiology-preparation for teaching majors and two Physical Education Single Subject Credential candidates. In addition to several presentations at the conference, Dr. Daum was on the ballot and elected as a member-at-large to the board of directors for CAHPERD. Dr. Daum will begin a three-year term starting summer 2022 continuing his leadership in the organization.

Additional conference highlights include: 1) Molly Sheridan, who is a current Kinesiology – Preparation for Teaching undergraduate student, was on the ballot and elected as the chair-elect for the Future Professional’s Council. She will be active in assisting the organization over the next year or so planning for all the pre-professional sessions and events at next year’s conference, and 2) a former SJSU department of Kinesiology faculty member, Dr. Robert Schmidlein, was recognized as the 2022 CAHPERD California High School Physical Education Teacher of the Year. When Dr. Schmidlein left SJSU, he returned to the K-12 schools and is doing amazing things with his students in Los Angeles. Dr. Schmidlein is now eligible to receive teacher of year recognition at the National level.

Congratulations to all current and former SJSU KIN members who are doing amazing things with CAHPERD.

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