Feature Friday – Semillas de Centro América and Pre-Optometric Association

Semillas de Centro América

Semillas de Centro America, or Semillas, seeks to sustain a supportive community for Central American students and community members through individual and collective empowerment. Club leaders are dedicated to “celebrating Central American culture and educating folx on Central American issues through community organizing, healing, and growth.” One student leader shared “we are a small organization, but we all hold space for one another and have done some amazing events!” Members love how they have been able to find a sense of community on campus, connect with others, and grow their own cultural, political, and social knowledge. The organization name, Semillas (seeds) was inspired by land defender Berta Caceres. Student leaders emphasized the welcoming nature of the group as well as their focus on social justice, empowerment, and personal experiences! To learn more, follow them on Instagram @semillascenam!


Pre-Optometric Association

The Pre-Optometric Association provides resources for students interested in optometry school and works to build a supportive network of students, alumni, and professionals. They meet monthly to discuss optometry school pre-requisites and future events, which can include guest speakers, OAT practice sessions, mock interviews, and more! One student said, “my favorite part of being involved with this group is the passionate alumni and professionals I get o meet that only inspire me to further pursue optometry.” Student leaders want you to know that optometry is not just for STEM majors – in fact, there are no optometry schools that require applicants to be a STEM major. The group honored 2020 which was designated The Year of Optometry, with the sweatshirts pictured! To learn more, email them at jsuoptometry@gmail.com, check out their Facebook page (The Pre-optometric Association at SJSU) or website (Iris-poa.org), and follow them on Instagram @spartanpoa.

Feature Friday – Cadre Student Organization, SJSU Men’s Club Soccer, and ML@SJSU

Cadre Student Organization

Cadre Student Organization is dedicating to practicing, teaching, and learning interdisciplinary digital media art skill sets. Cadre stands for computers, art, design, research, and education! Organization leaders emphasize creating a collaborative space and encourage members to “create organized projects which explore the augmenting, academic fields of art and science.” They are proud of the community they foster for “creators and explorers of art and technology.” To learn more, follow them on social media @cadre.so, attend meetings, or reach out via email!


SJSU Men’s Club Soccer

Men’s Club Soccer at SJSU provides a competitive and high-level atmosphere for students seeking to pursue their passion for soccer. Members of the club enjoy the ability to be part of a community and play soccer while also having the time and encouragement to focus on completing their degree. One member shared “we are not only an organization, but we are also friends and family from all over the world that come together to enjoy the game and create success.” To learn more follow them @sjsumensclubsoccer; for details about getting involved, contact the club through that page.



Machine Learning at SJSU is a student-run organization with the mission to “create an environment to teach, learn, and discuss various machine learning topics and fields.” ML@SJSU highlights varied aspects of the field, from computer vision and reinforcement learning to generative adversarial networks, and more! Student leaders host hands-on workshops and projects, paper readings, and guest presentations. They want Spartans to know that the machine learning community is open, willing to learn, and willing to teach. ML@SJSU welcomes everyone, from absolute beginners to experts in machine learning – there are no prerequisites to join! Join mlatsjsu.slack.com and visit mlatsjsu.club.

Feature Friday – Vietnamese Student Association and the Yarn Circle at SJSU

Feature Friday posts are back for Spring 2021! This week we’re featuring two recognized student organizations: Yarn Circle and the Vietnamese Student Association! If you’d like to submit your org for consideration, please fill out our submission form!

Yarn Circle at SJSU

The Yarn Circle at SJSU is a relatively new organization that was established in 2019. The group’s purpose is to build community around the culture of yarn crafts, such as knitting and crocheting, and to foster creativity. They also emphasize the importance of continuing these crafts and acknowledge the traditionally feminine practices associated with yarn crafts. Yarn Circle is open to all types of yarn crafts – and members enjoy learning new methods and techniques, and the opportunity to grow their skills! Members enjoy having the “welcoming and inclusive space that Yarn Circle provides to learn!” Join their Sammy app group or follow them @yarncirclesjsu for updates!

Vietnamese Student Association

The Vietnamese Student Association was founded at SJSU in 1978. The four pillars that center and sustain the work of the club are Academic, Cultural, Community, and Social. Students who are a part of this organization have a chance to establish familial ties, build strong friendships, and find kindred spirits within the Vietnamese community. One member shared that they “reach out to the younger generation and work with them to advance their awareness of the social, economic, and cultural activities surrounding the community.” Students enjoy learning about Vietnamese culture and meeting new people! Learn more and get involved by following the Vietnamese Student Association on Instagram @sjsuvsa and by liking their Facebook page, https://www.facebook.com/sanjosestatevsa to get updates on future events.

Spring 2021 Spartan Speaker Series

We can’t wait for the Spring 2021 Spartan Speaker Series! The series begins on Wednesday, February 10 with keynote presenter Baratunde Thurston. He’ll be discussing racial justice, activism, lessons learned in 2020 (pandemic, policing, race, …), as well as sharing insights into his personal and professional journey and experiences as an entrepreneur!


To learn more about the full series, visit our website and check out this piece in the SJSU Newsroom!

Interested in helping us select next year’s roster? We’re inviting SJSU community members to share their thoughts on critical topics and ideas for speakers with us. To do so, fill out this form!

Feature Friday – MISA, Klesis Christian Fellowship, and the Assembly of Nurse Scholars

MISA, or the Management Information Systems Association, has been preparing SJSU students for successful careers in business and technology since 1999. Members engage in professional and personal development, leadership, and networking, and are able to interact with top Silicon Valley companies and employees. One club leader shared that MISA “strives to shape the upcoming leaders of Silicon Valley with the incorporation of their core values of Professionalism, Networking, Knowledge, Leadership, Community, Innovation, and Opportunity.” Club activities include workshops on resume building, interview preparation, creating a LinkedIn profile, and building a personal brand. Members value “the powerful connections made within MISA” that help them to “better navigate the business world as well as create lifelong friendships.” MISA is open to students of all majors and backgrounds. Last year, MISA was the recipient of three awards at the Student Leadership Gala: Advisor of the Year, Executive Board of the Year, and, Student Organization of the Year. Follow MISA on Instagram @SJSUMISA, visit their website www.sjsumisa.org, or follow them on LinkedIn at https://www.linkedin.com/company/sjsumisa/.


Klesis Christian Fellowship provides students with a faith community where they can ask questions about God and Christianity. Klesis is a Greek word meaning divine invitation. Members are invited to participate in activities such as discussions, weekly meetings, trips, meals, game nights, hangouts, and Zoom calls and webinars. Club leaders are proud that Klesis Christian Fellowship is a place where students find and build friendships that last well beyond the college years. As one member shared, “especially in a time where it is so easy to feel disconnected and discouraged because of what is happening in the world, we want to be a place where students are able to build relationships where they can ask questions, get answers and find support.” Klesis is open to all students, whether they are Christian or not. Visit the club’s website https://www.sjsu.klesis.org/ to learn more, or follow them on social media @klesis_sjsu.


The Assembly of Nurse Scholars is a club open to all students with an interest in healthcare and the field of nursing. The club connects nursing students and helps to promote learning through a variety of enrichment activities and networking opportunities. Members learn about all of the specialties in nursing through club events like panels and other shared resources. A club leader shared that their motto, lifelong leaRNing, “demonstrates how you basically learn nonstop in the healthcare field as it keeps advancing and changing throughout time.” Follow the Assembly of Nurse Scholars on Instagram @ans_sjsu or on Facebook at Assembly of Nurse Scholars for updates about meetings and events!