Feature Friday – Vietnamese Student Association and the Yarn Circle at SJSU

Feature Friday posts are back for Spring 2021! This week we’re featuring two recognized student organizations: Yarn Circle and the Vietnamese Student Association! If you’d like to submit your org for consideration, please fill out our submission form!

Yarn Circle at SJSU

The Yarn Circle at SJSU is a relatively new organization that was established in 2019. The group’s purpose is to build community around the culture of yarn crafts, such as knitting and crocheting, and to foster creativity. They also emphasize the importance of continuing these crafts and acknowledge the traditionally feminine practices associated with yarn crafts. Yarn Circle is open to all types of yarn crafts – and members enjoy learning new methods and techniques, and the opportunity to grow their skills! Members enjoy having the “welcoming and inclusive space that Yarn Circle provides to learn!” Join their Sammy app group or follow them @yarncirclesjsu for updates!

Vietnamese Student Association

The Vietnamese Student Association was founded at SJSU in 1978. The four pillars that center and sustain the work of the club are Academic, Cultural, Community, and Social. Students who are a part of this organization have a chance to establish familial ties, build strong friendships, and find kindred spirits within the Vietnamese community. One member shared that they “reach out to the younger generation and work with them to advance their awareness of the social, economic, and cultural activities surrounding the community.” Students enjoy learning about Vietnamese culture and meeting new people! Learn more and get involved by following the Vietnamese Student Association on Instagram @sjsuvsa and by liking their Facebook page, https://www.facebook.com/sanjosestatevsa to get updates on future events.

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