National Trainer | NAFSA

4/21/14 – Laura Schilling (2013 Salzburg Fellow) has been selected to join the NAFSA Trainer Corps by the National Association of Foreign Student Advisors.  During her service as a member of the Trainer Corps, which is for a minimum 3-year term, Laura will help deliver official NAFSA Core Education Program (CEP) Workshops at various events throughout the year – including the Annual Conference, Regional Conferences, and On-Demand events.  In addition, Laura has been awarded a NAFSA Annual Conference Registration Grant from Region VII.  Contact Laura Schilling for more information.


US Fulbright Scholar

4/21/14 – Special congratulations to Andy Wood (2010 Salzburg Fellow & 2012 Salzburg Faculty Advisor) for his selection as SJSU’s newest Fulbright Scholar.  Dr. Wood, who is a Professor of Communication Studies, has been appointed as a US Fulbright Scholar in Teaching in the Republic of Belarus and will be attached to the United States Embassy in Minsk, Belarus.  Andy will be teaching at the Belarussian host institution – Belarus State University – for the 2014-2015 academic year, where he will focus on educating students and faculty about public speaking and presentation skills, business communication, and business english.  Contact Peter Young (2012 Salzburg Fellow), SJSU’s Fulbright representative, for more information.


Social Innovation Leadership Forum | College of Business

4/25/14 @ 8:00 AM-4:30 PM @ City Hall | City of San Jose (200 East Santa Clara street) – Members of the campus and community are invited to participate in the 3rd Annual Silicon Valley Innovational Leadership Forum, which will explore ideas for addressing Homelessness and Education in the region.  Organized as part of the Social Innovation Initiative of the Global Leadership Advancement Center (GLAC) in the College of Business,  SILF convenes social entrepreneurs, thinkers, and leaders from non-profits, business, government, education, and the community to collaborate on creating strategies and formulating innovative solutions to local social and economic issues.  See the attached flyer or contact Bobbi Makani (2014 Salzburg Fellow), SILF Director, for more information.

SJSU Earth Day | SJSU Sustainability Board

4/22/14 – Members of the campus and community are invited to attend a variety of activities to celebrate Earth Day.  Organized by SJSU’s Sustainability Board, highlights include a day-long Sustainability Fair (Tower Lawn), a Water-Wizeworkshop (3:00 PM in MLK 255), and a Sustainability@SJSU workshop (4:30pm in TH 110).  Contact Lynne Trulio orMichael Fallon (2010 Salzburg Fellow) for more information.


Cultural Showcase | Salzburg Scholars Club

4/17/14 – The Salzburg Scholars Club hosted the 1st Annual SJSU Cultural Showcase, a wonderful celebration of SJSU’s rich cultural diversity that attracted 300+ attendees from all over the University – students, faculty, staff, and administrators alike.  The event, funded by Associated Students, featured eleven performances of dance and song from student groups that engage in cultural performance as part of their activities.  The event was organized through an impressive team effort led by Erin Enguero (2013 Salzburg Scholar) as Showcase Coordinator with intensive support from the following collaborators:  Sophia Guitierrez (2013 Salzburg Scholars) led the Cultural Postcard Exhibit and Scavenger Hunt,  Avesta Sabetian (2013 Salzburg Scholar) presided as Master of Ceremonies,  Akos Meggyes (2012 Salzburg Scholar) is leading the creation of a documentary on the event and the performers, with support from his camera crew, and the interviewer team comprised of Scholars;  Codi Mills (2013 Salzburg Scholar) led photography for the event; Mary Okin (2013 Salzburg Scholar) coordinated volunteers, food by Street Eats, and public relations outreach;  Nichole Yang (2013 Salzburg Scholar) presided as Creative Director for Marketing Collateral including fliers, posters, and programs for the show; Laura Hart (2013 Salzburg Scholar) created the educational Prezi Presentation that accompanied each cultural performance; Jonathan Perez (2013 Salzburg Scholar | Salzburg Scholars Club President) helped design and print marketing materials, helped coordinate funding and manage Showcase budget, interfaced with student organizations, assisted in planning and implementation meetings, and managed the Salzburg Scholars Club table at the Showcase; Sophie Powers (2012 Salzburg Scholar) was Backstage Manager, helped coordinate volunteers with Mary Okin, and assisted in planning and implementation meetings. 
        Additional support was provided by Joey Ruth (2013 Salzburg Scholar), Skylar Lewandowski (2013 Salzburg Scholar),Megan Leckie (2013 Scholar Jess Sandoval (2013 Scholar), Andy Dang (2013 Salzburg Scholar), Paolo Listana (2013 Salzburg Scholar), Debby Ng (2014 Salzburg Scholar), Judith Durden (2014 Salzburg Scholar) and Hilary Shauf (2014 Salzburg Scholars).  Jessy Goodman (2013 Salzburg Scholar) recruited additional student volunteers.
Brad Stone (2008 Salzburg Fellow) created the cultural music compilation which was played before the event, during intermission, and after the event.
        Additional ideas and support were provided by Cynthia Rostankowski (2010 Salzburg Fellow), Carmel Weiler (2012 Salzburg Scholar), Laura Schilling (2013 Salzburg Fellow), and Bill Reckmeyer (Director | SJSU Salzburg Program).