This Morning’s Incident On Campus

Dear SJSU campus community,

Today, University Police Department took into custody an unaffiliated adult who was on campus shouting anti-Asian and anti-gay slurs and verbally threatened at least one faculty member. At this time, the individual is in custody, will be charged with resisting arrest and disturbing the peace, and appeared to show signs of alcohol intoxication. I want to thank the faculty, staff, students, and our University Police for their response and allyship on the scene. 

These types of incidents involving hate speech can ripple out in terms of impact to communities who may feel targeted. Incidents like this remind us all that we must overcome any effort that seeks to target and divide our community, foster animosity or marginalize any group. This type of behavior is contrary to our values. San José State University strives to foster an inclusive environment. 

Students and employees have access to emotional support and counseling services. Students are encouraged to contact Counseling and Psychological Services or SJSU Cares and employees are encouraged to contact the Employee Assistance Program. Students may also want to contact the MOSAIC Cross Cultural Center which has housed the APIDA (Asian Pacific Islander Desi American) Task Force and the PRIDE Center on campus which serves our LGBTQ community.


Steve Perez
Interim President