Wendy Rouse’s ‘Public Faces, Secret Lives’

by | Apr 8, 2022 | Spartan Spotlight

Wendy Rouse.

Author and Associate Professor of History Wendy Rouse’s research illuminates the impact of women and children in the Progressive Era of the United States.

This May, Associate Professor of History Wendy Rouse will publish her third book, “Public Faces, Secret Lives: A Queer History of the Women’s Suffrage Movement.” Her research examines how the traditional narrative of suffrage history sanitized the private lives and public personas of individuals and contributed to the historical erasure of the lives and loves of prominent queer suffragists.

Rouse suggests, despite these challenges, suffragists forged powerful personal alliances, often across national and transnational boundaries that proved essential to propelling their cause forward. 

Rouse has previously published two books on the history of women and children in the Progressive Era: “Her Own Hero: The Origins of the Women’s Self Defense Movement” by NYU Press and “The Children of Chinatown: Growing up Chinese American in San Francisco by UNC Press.

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