This Friday: Language Variation Workshop

Robin Melnick is holding a workshop for our visiting friends from the University of Azad Jammu & Kashmir, this Friday (October 9), from 2.00-5.00 p.m., Clark Hall 242. LLD staff and graduate students (and alumni too) are most welcome!

Language Variation: Social & Cognitive

The workshop will begin with a presentation overview of variation along several social dimensions (geographic –> demographic –> clique/community –> context-based stylistic variation within the individual) before proceeding into psycholinguistic variation (i.e., variation choice within the individual speaker based on processing costs in context; or between individuals based on variation in cognitive factors). The main focus will be on introducing the methods and tools of quantitative analysis of variation, with an emphasis on regression modeling. We’ll work hands-on with software and techniques used most commonly in quantitative variation analysis in the field today.

Please let Robin know if you’re considering attending so that he can get a rough anticipated headcount. Attendees may also be asked to download a few sets of files in advance, instructions to be sent later in the week to those who indicate an interest in attending.

Robin can be contacted at

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