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Thank you to ESL Programs for Practicum Opportunities in Fall 2014

February 19th, 2015 by Lorenzo

A big THANK YOU to all the ESL programs that provided Practicum opportunities for our MA TESOL student teachers in Fall 2014.

With your support, our graduates have gained invaluable classroom teaching experience!

We would like to thank the following programs for hosting practicum students this semester:

A paper on identifying loanwords in Korean text

February 12th, 2015 by Hahn Koo

Hi guys,

I’ll shamelessly promote a paper I recently wrote after much procrastination. It’s about how to make computers detect loanwords or foreign words in Korean text. In case you’re interested, you can read my manuscript here. It will appear in a journal called Language Resources and Evaluation.


Hello fellow LLD folk

February 12th, 2015 by Scott

Just a quick post to demonstrate that I’m on the blog and able to post. I’m sure the next post will be much more interesting.



Two local talks by yours truly

February 11th, 2015 by Daniel Silverman

Hi everyone,

I’ll be talking at UCSC Friday, Feb 13, and at Stanford, Friday, March 6.

Both talks are on the same topic

You can always check out my academic work at my CV.

-Dan Silverman

2014 Linguistics & TESOL Symposium Video

September 29th, 2014 by Lorenzo

This is a video transcript of the 2014 Linguistics & TESOL Symposium at San José State University.  Thank you to all who participated in the event – and to those who shall participate from afar by watching this video.  Timestamps are given below the video.  In order to go to a given talk directly, drag the video’s progress bar to the appropriate time location.

Camerawork:  Michal Rudzki.  Editing:  Lorenzo Tlacaelel L.


00:15:00 – An examination of the English posture verbs sit, stand, and lie. Leslie Bank
00:36:00 – Initial Consonant Mutation in Irish. Janine Robinson
00:50:40 – Small talk on Airplanes. Joshua Lawrence
01:10:00 – Syllabification and Stress pattern in Hinko. Haroon ur Rashid
01:34:00 – The role of lexical chunks in Chinese as Second Language Acquisition – for Mandarin Chinese as second language learners. Jinxiao Song
01:52:00 – Pahari Language in Azad Kashmir Exhibiting Patterns of Language Shift. Naveed Sarwar
02:14:00 – The Other within Self: Communication between Teachers and Students in Academic Writing Contexts. Robert Lanz
02:31:00 – Interrogation in 4 Southern Zapotec Variants. Lorenzo Tlacaelel L.
02:51:40 – Voiceless Stop Contrasts in Alemanic German. Annika Ronay
03:08:15 – Upward and onward: Going up on in Modern Hebrew. Netta Ben-Meir
03:25:10 – The Nature of Ergative Case Marking in Pahari. Shahida Khalique
03:35:00 – Systematicity/Orderliness in Overlapping: An Analysis of Ordinary Pahari Conversation. Qudsia Ishaq.
03:51:00 – The Role of Phonetic Forces Behind Neutral Vowels in Vowel Harmony. Kateryna Shilova