Nguyen, Belinda (Student) is Stepping Beyond

“I am not sure if I already submitted a Spartan Stepping Beyond recognition for Belinda, but even if I did, she is worth a second nod for all she has done and continues to do for me and BT Tech Services. I started a month ago and since before I began, Belinda has been so warm and welcoming. She has been instrumental in my progress into my new role and providing advice and guidance when needed. Beleinda is my go to person for coordinating important pieces of information. She is a natural leader and very talented. My job is easier because she is working in this department. I appreciate Belinda in so many ways and so thankful I have her on my team.” —┬áJohn Merz – 11/16/2017


“Since before I even began at SJSU, Belinda has been extremely helpful with my transition to my new role. She has been a natural student leader on all tasks that need to get accomplished and has worked with me to get up to speed whenever possible. She goes above and beyond and always thinks outside the box. I am so grateful to have her on my staff. I know I would still be lost in my new role if she wasn’t here to assist me.” —┬áJohn Merz – 11/08/2017

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