Forbes, Aaron (HVAC) Is Stepping Beyond

“We have been in Clark Hall 500 for over 11 years! There is this one section in the back (north/east) side that is always ‘EXCEPTIONALLY COLD”. The staff would always have to wear jackets and sometimes gloves because it was so cold. Well today, November 10, 2016, I placed a service call to have someone come over and check the temperature because it was so cold. Today was our lucky day. FD&O sent Aaron Forbes who took care of the situation in less than 10 minutes. The staff that sits in this section of the office noticed the difference in the temperature almost immediately. All Aaron did was check the computer, lifted the ceiling panel (which no one else ever did) to check something in the ceiling and checked the circuit board and voila, instant temperature change. The staff is happy! Finally after all these years. The Finance Support Staff would like to recognize a Fellow Spartan Aaron Forbes for taking that extra step to fix a simple problem that took years to make it right!” — Ana Harris

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